Our vision

Becoming the Leading Photography Hub in Egypt and the Middle East by 2030.

Becoming the Ultimate Home for Photographers: Providing Essential Services for Success.


To provide all the services needed for the success of photographers.

Our Values

We believe that everyone has many skills and abilities that, if used correctly and with a good plan, can improve productivity. By identifying and utilizing these skills effectively, individuals can contribute to the overall success of a project or organization.
The help
We strongly believe that helping others is the key to human progress. By offering assistance and support to those in need, we can make a positive impact on society and contribute to the overall development of humanity.
Fair profitability 
We believe that every person has the right to make profit from the skills and tools that he owns  as long as it does not affect  the public weal.
We believe that the research and development are the way for continuity and success.
Clarity and transparency
We believe that everything should be crystal clear to everyone and by applying this will lead to success.
Positive work environment 
At our company, we value our customers as part of our team. That's why we prioritize the happiness, training, and development of our team members. When our team is happy and growing, it positively impacts how we serve our clients.

Our Services

Cairo Photo Academy

Cairo photo Academy has been founded to be the pioneer at providing the knowledge of photography and videography and in creating professional content for the photographers in different levels and that’s through providing:

  • One to one training courses
  • Group training courses
  • Corporate training courses
  • Online interactive training
  • Training workshops
  • Trips for photographers
  • Internships training
  • Talks and open discussion panel
  • Photography Scholarships


Because creativity doesn’t have a limit and the photographer eye captures the beauty in a way differs than the other people we created the I-Rent Dept to work on providing the photographer with:

  • Professional cameras 
  • Lenses 
  • Lighting equipment
  • Studios with different spaces
  • Voice equipment
  • Screen calibration services 
  • Photography tech assistant 
  • Training rooms for rental 

CPC Studios

Welcome to our versatile studio space, designed to meet all your photography and videography needs.

  • Professional equipment
  • Cyclorama
  • Paper Chromas
  • Private
  • Fully Air-conditioned
  • Technical assistant
  • Private Changing room
  • Makeup Station Area
  • Large Space
  • Private Entrance


if you don’t have a camera or even you got a one, I sell is designed for you.

The photography gear is getting evolved every day and once and based on that the photographer needs to upgrade his gear that’s why we created I-sell so he can:

  • Check your camera and create a full report about it .
  • Sell your old camera.
  • Buy a new one.
  • Upgrade  your camera.

we have a group of the finest experts to assist you here in a professional and expert way.


Through I shoot service you can hire a full team of photographers or videographers to cover your events wether its commercial or even for public events , you can also hire our professionals editors to edit your photos as well as your videos.

Meet Our Team

Mohamed Alaa Eldin

CEO & Founder

Marwan Ashraf

Maadi Branch Rep.

Karim Hamdy

Nasr city Office Rep.

Nanes Salah El Dien

Quality Co-ordinator

Menna Soliman

Customer Communication Team Leader

Karima Mohamed

Customer Service Rep.

Rahma Sherif

Customer Service Rep.

Yasmin Adel

Customer Service Rep.

Zainab Emad

Customer Service Rep.

Berhan Magdy

Project Admin

Hossam Khaled

I-Rent & Studio Agent

Omar Ahmed

I-Rent & Studio Agent

Abdelrahman Tarek

I-Rent & Studio Agent

Bassem Ali

I-Rent & Studio Agent

Ahmed Tarek


Ahmed Gaber

Content Creator

Nayera Hamed

Content Creator

Waleed Adel


Ahmed Salah El Dien


Mina Nashaa't


Mohamed Khairy

Photography Instructor